Our Story

Home is where comfort needs to exist. For too long, traditional heating and cooling (HVAC) systems have lacked the capability to balance air distribution effectively. Smart thermostats have since helped change the way homeowners interact with their HVAC systems, but have not fixed the underlying issues with the inefficiencies of unbalanced air distribution.

Imagine living in a home where the lighting was controlled with a single light switch… Doesn’t make sense, does it? The current smart thermostat market only offers products that can simply turn your HVAC system on/off without any control over the air flow distribution. This operation leads to discomfort with hot and cold spots, and energy inefficiencies. Our AI control algorithm dynamically adjusts the air flow to balance the energy distribution offering an unmatched comfort while saving up to 35% on heating and cooling cost.

Our patented battery-less and wireless vents are equipped with the ability to harvest the energy needed to keep the internal circuitry running without batteries, rendering them virtually maintenance free. This will provide homeowners with a viable product offering a premium comfort without the price tag of traditional smart vent, or duct zoning systems.

Our mission is to create intelligent, comfort oriented devices homeowners can rely on to provide energy savings, and a better environment both inside and outside of the home.