Before purchase you’ll need to count and measure all of your existing vents for best fit and function. Vent sizes are based off the duct opening, not the size of the faceplate or grill. For accurate measurements, remove the vent and measure the width and height in inches. In our store you’ll find all the sizes of vents available. Find the size that best matches your needs.


To install floor vents, remove your existing vent and insert your new energy harvesting vent. 

For wall or ceiling vents, use the included screws to mount the vent securely in place of the existing manual vent. No batteries or wires required.


For accurate readings, placement is crucial. Keep receptors away from direct sunlight, vents, or any other factors that could provide a false or inaccurate reading.

Plug the receptor into a wall outlet and within seconds you will be ready to configure your home’s zones.

Climate Controller

The Climate Controller installs much like other smart thermostat products, and everything needed for installation is included. Advanced system settings are accessible only from the Climate Controller. Equipment staging, thresholds, and other settings can be customized to match your HVAC equipment.

Detailed install instructions can be found though the Homeostasis app. 

For professional installation, Homeostasis works with a network of industry professionals, contact us for more information on a professional near you.