What kind of heating & cooling equipment does Homeostasis work with? Homeostasis will work with almost all central forced air HVAC systems. It will not work with radiators or ductless systems.

Does Homeostasis work with other smart thermostats? Other smart thermostats on the market today do not have the capacity to handle the functions of our system. Other Smart thermostats that feature remote sensors do not have the capacity to control air flow distribution to meet comfort requirements of a zoned system like Homeostasis.

Can the Climate Controller work without the use of vents or receptors? Yes, the Climate Controller can be used just like a smart thermostat that controls your HVAC system. Remote use and monitoring are made possible with connection to WiFi. By adding receptors the user is able to monitor temperature and indoor air quality, and the addition of vents provides users full functionality of their comfort system.

Can I control the system from an app? Yes, our app allows you to control, and monitor your system from anywhere. As long as the system is connected to Wi-Fi, you are able to make adjustments, set schedules, and vacations from anywhere in the world. Some advanced settings are only accessible from the Climate Controller.

Will Homeostasis integrate with other smart devices? Yes. At the moment Homeostasis communicates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We are committed to offer collaboration with other third-party platforms and develop other smart devices.

I bought a smart thermostat with remote sensors, is this not the same thing? Remote sensors give you the ability to sense temperature, but not the ability to adjust how that hot or cool air gets to that room.  The advanced AI in Homeostasis gives your HVAC system the ability to sense and react to temperature and occupancy changes. This way, you are only heating/cooling the areas of the home you need it most.

How can Homeostasis help improve my indoor air quality? Users can enable Intelligent Ventilation Mode to ventilate based on Indoor Air Quality by zone. A fully equipped system reacts to changes in IAQ to provide occupants a better indoor environment.

Setting a schedule and zone temperatures sounds difficult, how have you made this easy for users? Set-up of our systems features has been made simple by offering one basic and four unique air distribution user profiles:

  • Basic: A Simple package of a single Climate Controller and any number of receptors. Gives users the ability to control the HVAC system and monitor temperature and air quality. Does not control air distribution and management.
  • Fully Integrated User Profiles:
    • Eco: Automatically schedules and conditions based on your occupancy pattern to minimize energy consumption.
    • Uniform: Keeps every zone throughout the home at the same temperature.
    • Custom: Tailored comfort for everyone within your household.
    • Simplified: Gives users an easy to use interface without all the zone details and data confusion. Keeps the system running in either Eco or Uniform mode without the options found in the Custom Profile.

How does Homeostasis protect against static pressure? Our algorithm is designed with equipment protection in mind. We avoid over pressurization by our air management calculation. Vents and the controller communicate to ensure equipment damage is avoided.

What happens if I have no internet? The beauty of our system is that wifi is not required for operation. Vents, sensors, and the control center are able to communicate by RF signal without the use of the wifi. Of course, if the system is not connected to wifi, the user loses the ability to monitor and control their system remotely.

The temperature sensor is mounted too low on the wall, won’t this give false readings? Our temperature sensors have corrected this discrepancy. We have accounted for this in our development that room temperature is best read approximately 60” from the floor. We do recommend that sensors be mounted away from direct sunlight, and away from any furniture or vents

What is the payback period of the product? Our latest projections show a payback period within 5 years. This will vary based on climate, size of home, type of equipment, etc.

Are the vents noisy? No, our vent dampers have been designed to open & close slowly making them as quiet as possible. 

What wireless protocol is used? A proprietary protocol for super low power communication is built which uses a sub GHz frequency radio.

How many vents and receptors can I connect to the climate controller? Up to 48 devices can be connected to a single climate controller.

Why do I need to replace all the vents in my house? It is a fundamental assumption in our control algorithm that we have full control over your ducting system. A non-controllable vent is similar to a hole in a water pipe. 

Do I need to keep my furnace fan on all the time to power/charge the vents? No, this is not required, but it is recommended for best comfort results. Running the fan continuously allows the air to circulate throughout the home which makes for better ventilation, and will help with hot and cold spots.

Who can install Homeostasis? Installation is capable with minimal tools and time. By watching our installation video guides, we believe anyone with the right attitude should be able to install the system. Typical installation should not take more than 1-2 hours. Having it installed by a HVAC professional is also an option if you do not feel comfortable with installation.

How do I measure my vents? Vents are measured from the size of the duct opening on your floor, wall, or ceiling.

What makes Homeostasis a better option than other smart vent products? As an all in one integrated system, Homeostasis has separated itself from other systems claiming to offer the same functionality. With other products needing up to 4 AA batteries/vent, on a house that has up to 20 vents it could mean going through 80 batteries/year! Our energy harvesting technology makes Homeostasis a sustainable product for your home.

Do you guarantee your product? A 3 Year Warranty comes standard with all Homeostasis products.

What type of customer support is provided? Online chat, website support page, installation guides, and remote product support are provided to users.

How is my privacy protected? Our system does not contain any cameras or microphones. Your energy consumption trends, occupancy, and temperature related data is handled through our secure web server and will not be shared with any third parties.