Homeostasis Comfort. Connected.

Intelligent All-in-One Climate and Air Quality Control


A dashboard for home comfort & air quality

Better Air

Improve the air you breathe with air quality based ventilation


Control heating, cooling, ventilation, and humidification equipment with one control

AI + You

Thinking outside the box with human driven actions to improve comfort


Partnering with industry professionals who want to grow their business


Monitoring as a service helps our partners grow their business, and saves energy for their customers

Professional Partners

White label energy savings and comfort improving feedback to showcase reoccurring brand value

Builder’s Best Friend

Highlight your home build with an innovative control that replaces two or more wall mounted controls


Integrates with your smart home voice assistant

Mobile Control

Make an energy saving action from anywhere. Adjust system settings through your smart home voice assistant

Sense More

True comfort in the rooms that need it most. Temperature, humidity, and air quality control at a room level

Schedule Automation

Free Energy AI will automatically adjust schedules to take advantage of energy saving opportunities

7" IPS Touch Screen Display 1024 x 600 resolution
Furnaces Heat Pumps
ERVs/HRVs Air Conditioners
Boilers Humidifiers
W1 Rh Aux V1
W2 C Hum+ V2
Y1 G Hum- V3
Y2 Rc O/B V4
Temperature Humidity
Radon Air Quality (VOCs)
Carbon Monoxide Nitrous Oxides
WiFi required for remote control Sensors communicate using low power RF
Voice control enabled with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
3 Year Warranty with professional installation
Installation is possible through qualified Homeostasis partners
No cameras, microphones, or occupancy sensors on board
All data is handled through secure web servers
Data is never shared with third parties
Climate Controller Wire Labels
Installation and User Guide 2 Comfort Sensors
Wall Mount Materials